Our philosophy

    We want Rayne to be as easy to use as possible, with an easy to use API and sane default values. However, at the same time, we don't want to limit the user. Rayne is an engine that helps the users to achieve their goals by not get into their way when they try to do something outside of the box. That's why we designed Rayne in a modular way, allowing you to exchange parts if you need to.


    We want everyone to be able to use Rayne, which isn't only reflected in its API, but also in the licensing: Rayne is pay what you want, and comes in one version only. No extra Pro version with more features, no royalties or additional fees. Furthermore, all tools, modules and examples, except of the core engine itself, will be open source under the MIT license on GitHub.


    Rayne is written in modern C++11 and so is the exposed API. No interpreted intermediate jit layer, but native speed on every platform. While you can drop down to the scripting layer and write your games in say AngelScript, out of the box, Rayne is native code running at native speed on all platforms.
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    Rayne is built with performance and modern hardware in mind. It is multithreaded using a powerful thread pool that automatically offloads the work to all available CPU cores on the system. It also provides powerful and easy to use means of synchronization, making it trivially easy to write games that scale from 1 core to 32 cores and more.
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