Hi, we are Überpixel!

We are a small bunch of indie developers spread across Germany. We love crafting middleware, and we love indie developers, so we decided to do the only reasonable thing: Combine our two loves and specialize in crafting middleware targeted specifically towards other indie developers. We want everyone to be able to realize their dreams, at least as long as their dream is to create computer games or other interactive applications.

Want to talk to us? Shoot us a message: support@rayne3d.com (we accept death threats, love letters, serious questions and law suits. But please, no spam).

Wears pants in bed

Sidney loves low level stuff. As child of two wonderful parents, he soon discovered that a computer could be used for much more than just pirating games and then playing said games. Multithreading, data structures and algorithms are his breakfast, with a side dish of everything that is close to the bare metal. When he isn't tinkering on Rayne, he is either busy writing on his kernel for the i486 architecture, or he sleeps around as freelance iOS and OS X developer.

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Nils is the graphics guru. He is the guy that gets the GPU to do its work, even if the work sounds impossible. Not saying that Nils is a wizzard, but let's be honest here for a second, the things he is doing are black magic vodoo wizzardry! Nils has previously worked for Deck13 Interactive, and was responsible for porting their in-house game engine to the Apple iOS platform. Nowadays, if he isn't working on Rayne, he is a CS student at the university of Lübeck.

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